Make Him Commit to You Easy


Many women are struggling in a stalled relationship. And they are clueless as to how to get it to the next level.

If you find yourself in this situation, continue reading and apply the deceptively simple tips mentioned herein to make him commit to you.
Skeptical? Don’t be.
The results might pleasantly surprise you, but you’ll never know until you try.


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It seems like the number one reason some women yearn to be married, is due to their ticking biological clocks warning them that time is running out. Sure, nowadays there are a number of women these days who have or adopt children outside of marriage.
But seeing all the books and articles out there on how to “hook” a man lead me to believe that the majority of women still prefer to go the old-fashioned route, and get married before having children.
On the flip side, many men have commitment phobia and fear the “M” word. Looks like the more successful men nowadays take longer before making a commitment and settling down.
They want to enjoy their financial status and play the field for as long as they can. Besides, men don’t have that darn biological clock that worries a lot of women.
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How to Get a Man to Propose


1) First off, do you know what men want the most and are desperate for? Appreciation. And coming from a significant other is the one thing that men are most hungry for.


He wants you to love and appreciate the “real” him and not for his expensive gifts, his money, his nice car or house. Let him know you admire his success, moral values, loyalty, intelligence and whatever else you can think. And let him hear you tell others about all his good qualities.
Doing this will show that you truly know and love his authentic self. Then he might start taking your future together more seriously, and actually initiate the conversation about getting a lovely ring on your finger!


2) Apply what psychologists call push-pull behavior to make him commit.
Since your man still hasn’t proposed, it’s actually tantamount to him pushing you away. But watch what happens when he feels you drifting away … he pulls you right back.



*Guys usually feel insecure when you go on a trip without them; they feel left out.
So why not take a vacation by yourself and be excited about it? Say that you need some much needed private time to re-assess your life.


It will make him feel that you’re pushing him away.


That’s going to have him thinking about your relationship and worry that he could be losing you. On the other hand, he might be looking forward to having some free time and fun without you!


But here’s the thing: If he’s really into you, he’ll be lonely and will miss you desperately. He just might decide to call you and propose. How very sweet that would be. 🙂

Do you think your man can top this proposal (video)?

*Another strategy you can implement to make him commit would be to say you’re bored, and that you’re thinking of moving to a more stimulating city. This will make him think you’re pulling away from him.


He could very well come to a decision that this is a good time to have “the talk” in order to pull you back.


3) Why not take some courses that you’re interested in? This will not only make you a more appealing individual, but will also show your man that you have other interests outside of him.


It will make your guy insecure and think that in advancing yourself, you might get bored with him. This will encourage him to step up to the plate and put aside his fear of commitment.


4) And finally, if you haven’t had one yet, sit him down and have an honest conversation once and for all. You have to put what you want out there somehow.


You might say that you want to be married within a year or two. Just mention it as a matter-of-factly and stay cool.
Why? Because contrary to common sense, men are more likely to commit if the woman is perceived NOT to be overly concerned about commitment.


If nothing productive comes out from the conversation and you can’t wait any longer, dare to ask for help.
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Did you know? A man loves from the heart, for sure, but to make him commit, he must also get a “confirmation” from his gut!



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